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Conga workshops „La mano secreta“

The original way of playing afro-cuban rhythms on congas

For beginners and intermediate drummers


Everybody knows the incredible energy and fire of cuban music, not only since the ensemble of „Buena Vista Social Club“ made it popular again! All over the world people love this music, they play it, sing it and dance the salsa!


Since the 1940ies the cuban conga drums - in Cuba they call them tumbadoras - are part of big bands and are played in jazz, pop and rock music. Today also brass bands use them.



In this workshop we will work on


- „La mano secreta“ - the typical heel and tip technique

- Bass, tone and slap on the congas

- the „conga tumbao“ - the basic rhythm

- bolero - cha cha - son montuno - mambo - salsa

- the concept of „clave“

- afro-cuban 6/8 rhythms

- songo, dengue, a caballo, rumba guaguanco, plena, merengue and more



This workshop is adressed to all drummers, percussionists and drum set players, who are interested in Cuban music.

For salsa dancers it might be interesting, too, to learn more about the rhythms they love to move their bodies to, to get a better understanding of salsa music and to improve their dancing.



Date and duration: by arrangement or announcement

Location: by arrangement or announcement

Costs: on request


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Conga Workshop