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What you learn


Beginners’ level

- How to hold and tune your drum

- The 3 basic strokes

- The „global“ rhythm and other grooves

- Rhythmic exercises

- More percussion instruments

- History and culture


Intermediate level

- Repeat of the basic strokes and rhythms

- „Global“ rhythmic patterns - from afro-cuban clave to oriental Iqa’at

- More rhythms from Latin America, Africa and Europe

- Improvisation and soloing

- „drum languages“ and how they help us

- drum studies

- Playing and improvising together

- More percussion instruments

- History and culture



You should be able to apply everything that you learned in different musical situations with other drummers and musicians – or you can just groove together and have fun!


Lessons and workshops can be held in German and English and are open for everybody!


I am teaching with different instruments, mainly djembe, cajon, congas and bongos, but also many more to give you a holistic insight into the world of drums and percussion instruments.

My offer


One-to-one lessons

Small groups up to 3 students

Groups 4 to 8 students

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„Drumming with djembe, cajon & co.“

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Workshops for Schools

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Drumming afternoon

practice and play together

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Conga workshops „La mano secreta“

The original way of playing afro-cuban rhythms on congas

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Drumming for deaf and hearing impaired people

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World percussion for brass bands

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Team building -in an alternative way

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