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Feedback of my students


“According to your belief music is cross-cultural and indeed independent. This point of view delivered me and opened my eyes for other cultures. That helped me a lot and I want to thank you most sincerely.”


“I never experienced a drum course like that. You described everything so much in detail. I was deeply impressed by you as a person and it influenced me a lot being a musician.”


“Thank you for the course! It made me feel well in my solar plexus.”


„After the workshop my hip was feeling much better: The healing power of your music is evident, everything included in your offer! Great!“


“There is nearly nothing to improve on your courses. Except additional material like the instructional book that you are planning.”


„Again I was physically and mentally activated“


“The students were enthusiastic! The workshop could have lasted longer! Thank you Thommy!”


“I am looking forward to your next drum course! In the meantime I can hear the sound of the drum in my body. And it feels damned well.”


“Thanks for your patience and calmness while you are teaching us all that.”


“The days at Retzhof have been so amazing, that I hardly find words to describe - I enjoyed them  a lot.“


“Thanks, Thommy! We really beat it! It was a wonderful afternoon!“


„The way you show your love for music is always an inspiration. Thank you for that and for everything I could learn!“