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Hello music lovers, drummers and percussionists!


With my help you will learn to play your drum correctly and with creativity, either for social gatherings or on stage!


I teach students from age 6 through to 99. For this purpose I use instruments from Africa and Latin America!


Drumming and language


Every culture has its own rhythms and drums. Although we can find the same rhythmic patterns all over the world. So people from every culture and language understand each other with music!

Drumming, soul and body


Music has the power to heal emotional and

physical problems. It affects us with positive energy, and through that we start to feel our body in a more intensive way.

Drumming in the vineyard

22 July 2017

Info and registration

12 August 2017

Info and registration


26 to 27 August 2017

Educational institute Schloss Retzhof



Drum meeting at Krastowitz castle

16 September 2017

Educational institute Schloss Krastowitz

9020 Klagenfurt

Info und Registration

Learning the musical language we come to a deeper understanding of mentality of other people and cultures. (Bobby McFerrin.)

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More dates here!

For one-to-one lessons and drum groups you can register any time!

Drumming & holiday by the seaside

8 to 10 September 2017

Hotel Ressort Salinera

Strunjan, Slovenia

Info and program german (pdf)



Guitar lessons (classical, Bossa Nova, strumming and song accompaniment) and Ukulele lessons (C-tuning and D-tuning).


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