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Drum workshop for schools


Which language does my drum speak?


Music is the global language which everybody can understand. Although every drum has it’s own vocabulary - the specific sounds and tones, that can be played. So, we are able to speak with our drum.


Since the beginning of mankind drums were used to talk to each other and to send messages over distances. That means that the drum is the second-oldest instrument in the world. The oldest is the human voice.


I will show you different drums and percussion instruments from Latin America, Africa and the Near East. You will recognise some of them like the Djembe drum. But there will be others like the Udu from Africa and the Berimbau from Brazil. First I will show you how to play them, then you will try to produce the sounds by your own.


The rhythms of the drums are the basic acccompaniment for dancers. So I will show you the „global“ rhythm, that you can find in nearly every culture in the world. With this rhythm we will go on a trip to Africa and Greece. Together we will play the „Djolè“ and the „Syrto“.


In Styria, Austria, you can ask for financial support at contomusicale.

All austrian schools can contact Kultur Kontakt Austria.


Date and duration: by arrangement

Location: School or by arrangement

Costs: on request


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