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World percussion for brass bands



Brass bands today use many percussion instruments from all over the world. Above all drums from South America and the Caribbean, like Congas and Bongos, were played in nearly every brass band, as they have a modern repertoire including swing, pop, rock and world music, where these drums play a dominant role.


As with every other instrument in the brass band it is important to develop the correct playing technique and to learn how to tune your congas, bongos and other percussion instruments properly. Do you know, that you can play up to 8 different tones on a conga drum?


Above all this workshop is addressed to the members of the drum section in brass bands. However it is also designed to show other musicians and everybody who is interested in drums and drumming, how to play and feel the rhythms of other cultures.


How to hold, tune and play your drum properly?

Which rhythms are typical?

Which other percussion instruments can be played along with the drum in a specific rhythm?

How can we use these traditional rhythms in a more modern context?


You will find the answer to all these questions in this workshop. Furthermore I will tell you about the historical and cultural background of the rhythms and drums. In that way you will develop a deep understanding of percussion music.


The workshop can be held half-day, one day or two days.


Date and duration: by arrangement

Location: by arrangement

Costs: on request

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