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Team building


In the context of team building we often use music and orchestras or bands as a metaphor to explain how important roles benefit the group. We do this for a good reason! For successful cooperation in teams it is necessary that we:


- listen to each other

- pay attention to everybody in the team

- give space to let the other members develop their skills

- take full advantage of everybody´s skills

- contribute our skills in the best way


In the music metaphor, the result is the song.


Making music on a violin needs years of training, however, with drums you can develop the first and most important abilities to play some interesting rhythms in a few hours. Therefore, I customize and lead team building workshops catered to your specific needs using drums and percussion instruments from all over the world, mainly from Africa and Middle- and South America. While drumming we work on:


Qualification and skills - Learning the basic and most important strokes to express ourselves on the instrument, we play simple and more complicated rhythms and beats from all over the world


Cooperation - Playing rhythms together in simple arrangements


Capacity of teamwork - Accompanying each other while playing little solo parts, we listen to each other’s playing and look at and support each other


In this way we practice playing together in the same beat and tempo to create the best possible result! Having fun and relaxing into a rhythm we then look at and discuss what it took for us to successfully make individual contributions towards a shared goal. From there we brainstorm how to transfer such a fun and inspiring dynamic to our team.


Date and duration: by arrangement

Location: by arrangement

Costs: on request

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Team building