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Percussion lessons

for beginners and advanced students,

for hobby musicians and pros

with djembe, cajon, bongos and congas


Location: A-8461 Ehrenhausen, Hauptstrasse 47

Duration of unit: 50 minutes


One-to-one lessons and small groups up to 3 students

€ 30,- per person and unit


Groups from 4 to 8 students

€ 25,- per person and unit



Drumset lessons

Beginner to intermediate




Special topics that can be covered in separate lessons:


5, 7 and 9 - Introduction to odd-meter playing


For drumset players

„Help, there is a percussionist in the band!“ Do’s and Dont’s for drum set players.

How to apply traditional percussion patterns to the drum set and interplay with a percussionist



Other location or longer units (e.g. 90 or 120 minutes) are possible, details and costs on request.



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