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Workshops 2015

Workshops 2015



Conga special

Thommy Puch percussion

28 March 2015


The main topic was „la mano secreta“ - the typical cuban technique of conga playing.

The students developed the techniques for the cuban Tumbao - the basic rhythm for styles like Bolero, Cha Cha Cha, Son Montuno and Mambo. They played on one and two drums and learned how the patterns fit to the „clave“. Additionally we played the 6/8 Rhumba Columbia rhythm.


Conga workshop March 2015
Workshop Retzhof April 2015

Bildungshaus Schloss Retzhof

18 to 19 April 2015


Again a wonderful group of students came together at the Retzhof!


The were so talented, that we could expand the program from the basic 332 groove, Calypso and Syrto to the typical west-african Djolé.


Ortweinschule Graz, HTL für Bautechnik

29 June 2015


Students of the Ortweinschule in Graz played the drums with me! The boys from different nations and cultures had a lot of fun with rhythms and technique on the djembe and conga drums.


For me it was a lot of fun, too. I hope to see you again soon, boys!

Bildungshaus Schloss Retzhof

22 to 23 August 2015


Again a very talented group of drummers showed up at Retzhof for a summer drumming.


It is always amazing, how quickly you all develop your skills on the drums. At the end of the workshop we already grooved hard in different styles!


Conga special

Thommy Puch percussion

13 September 2015


We continued working on „mano secreta“ and all the rhythms based on Tumbao.


The next step was the rumba Guaguanco - really hard stuff with all the polyrhytm! They are on the way!

Bildungshaus Schloss Krastowitz

26 to 27 September 2015


My uncompromised students in Krastowitz castle played again with passion and energy!


We developed and practised the rhythms they already know from earlier workshops. As a new rhythm we learned the Chobi from Iraq.